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Courting summary/notes: The final diagnostic relationship of cylindrical milk bottles follows the knowledge associated with the levels of milk bottle progress present in the introduction to this milk bottle area; click 4 levels of milk bottle advancement to move to that area.Equipment-created illustrations with J D S on the base date from the mid 1… Read More

  Even meat sauce claimed medicinal properties inside the nineteenth century!  This bottle includes a crudely applied club sauce design and style finish, was blown inside of a put up-bottom mould, and sure experienced no proof of mold air venting - all attributes supporting a manufacturing date of about 1865 to 1885.  These bottles have been pos… Read More

The sections addressed underneath this "Sauces & Condiments" heading deal with a few of the extra usually encountered varieties.  The reader really should be conscious that there have been likely Countless uniquely unique sauce bottles produced through the period covered by this website if just one includes the plethora of subtle variations on the… Read More